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17 October 2015 @ 10:25 am
TONY: "I just don't like it when people touch my face."
ME: Pouting, "Okay. I won't do it anymore."

2 minutes later, Tony regrets telling me that, and is literally chasing my hands with his cheeks while yelling, "TOUCH MEEEE!!"
02 October 2015 @ 02:26 pm
"Babe, look!" Tony hops into bed beside me, pointing at a small zit on his hairline.
"Hm?" I look up from my book, squinting at the tiny bump on his skin. "What about it?"
"It's so small now! That mask we used worked. Can I pop it?" He moves to get up to go to the restroom mirror.
"NO!" I drop my book, losing my page as I reach for his hand, tugging him back down into bed. "Don't pop it, dummy! Let it dry out. Here -- I'll apply more of the mask to that spot and we'll spot-treat it. You can leave it on all night until it just scabs and falls off on its own."
"But-but-but..." He gives me a cute pout.
"Do you want acne scarring?" I lift my brows.
"... No ..." He smiles through his pout at me.
"Then listen to me," I say, reaching for the face mask jar. "Trust me -- I had horrible skin growing up. I am the master of skincare now."
"Yes, baby," he says, continuing to pout. "Baby's always right." He whimpers softly like a puppy, then puts his head in my lap, zit-side up so I can access it, and nuzzles my lap gently.
"Okay, okay, cutie," I say, laughing and scratching his head. "Don't move."
He smiles as I apply a splotch of face mask cream to his zit. "My own personal aesthetician," he says.
I smile.
02 October 2015 @ 02:17 pm
"I would stop spoiling him so much if I were you. All these dinners, breakfasts, and lunches you keep making him -- he'll get used to it."
"... Yeah? So?"

I repeat this conversation to Tony, and he laughs, giving me a big hug.

"Please don't stop," he says, kissing me and tickling my neck with little bites. "The people who give you that shitty advice are people who don't understand how to put effort into their relationships the way we do. I love the way you treat me. You make me so happy."
"Good. That's the point," I say, shoving him away with a smile. "Get off of me."
He licks my cheek playfully, and I mush my palm into his face, pushing him off gently. We laugh.
"Would you like a big sandwich for dinner?" I ask, scratching his back lightly.
"Yes, please," he says, nuzzling me. "You're the best girlfriend in the world."
29 September 2015 @ 07:42 pm
"How's shopping, sweetie?"
"It's good!" I say, sandwiching my cellphone between my ear and shoulder while I thumb through face mask sheets at Sephora. "Baby, if I brought some face masks home to try, would you do one with me?"
There's a brief pause, then, "Babe, this is crazy, but seriously, everyone from my mom to every ex girlfriend I've ever had has tried to get me to put on a face mask, and I've always refused. But for you, yes. You're the only person on earth I can't say no to. I love you so much. I really miss you right now."
"Baby!" I blush, whipping my head around, worried someone can overhear us. "You're the sweetest boyfriend ever. You just made me smile so big. I miss you, too. I hope you're having fun with the boys."
"I am. I want you to know... The same way your one friend tells you she can't stand hearing about me anymore, my friends are the same way. My friends had to tell me to shut up about you just now -- I didn't even realize I was going on and on about you. They were like, 'OKAY! Enough about Cheri! We're here to watch baseball."
"I'm yours, baby. You never have anything to worry about. I just want you to know that."

This boy... I just can't. I can't even. He's so good to me.
19 September 2015 @ 11:13 am
"Excuse me," someone says. Tony and I pause on our way out of the bar, turning to see an elderly woman smiling at us. She presses her hands to both of our shoulders. "I have to tell you both -- you are the hottest couple I've ever seen, and the way you two look at each other is amazing."
"Thank you," Tony says, looking at me and smiling.
"That's so nice of you to say," I add.
"I'm not kidding! I am just stunned by how beautiful you two are." She turns to her friends and gestures toward us. "Aren't they the hottest couple you've ever seen?! This is a HOT couple. Hottest couple in the bar!"
When I look at Tony, he's smiling at me, flattered, happy.
One of his buddies claps him on the shoulder, and he turns, greeted by a beer.
The elderly woman takes my hand when Tony's not looking and rubs it gently.
"You are a good woman, honey," she says, nodding at me. "I don't mean to interrupt. I just saw you two over there, and the way you look at him, and the way you touch him and talk to him, I can tell you two are in love and made for each other."
"I love him so much..." I admit, smiling and taking her hand.
"I can see that. You two look so good together. You take care of him."
"Happily," I say, and we both laugh. "And thank you for saying that, really. He's been having such a rough day. It's so nice to see him smile genuinely again."
"Oh, honey," she says, nodding at me knowingly. But before she can continue...
"Babe," Tony says, reaching for me and taking my hand.
"It was nice meeting you," I say to her, and we smile at one another before I take Tony's hand and let him pull me away.

Out in the cold, Tony kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear. "Hottest couple in the bar," he says quietly, and I laugh. "You heard her, Babe. It's true."
"That was really sweet," I say.
"How many times have people stopped us now to tell us how great we are together?"
"I don't even know," I laugh. I've lost count of the many times people have stopped us to tell us that. I've never been in a relationship like this before.
"I love it," Tony says. "It makes me feel good."
"Good, baby," I say, touching his face gently. He kisses me again.

We are so lucky to have each other.